Red Maloo Felt Laptop Sleeves – Let it Hug your Laptop Tightly

This concept is kind of new for me. The product itself may be has been released some time ago, but I still love the “Hug” word which represent how this Red Maloo Felt Laptop Sleeve protect your precious laptops.

Red Maloo Felt Laptop Sleeves

“The Red Maloo wrap is made in Germany. The felt used in the production of this sleeve is one of the best quality in density and luminosity to be found. This felt gets exported all the way to Japan for tea ceremonies.”

I have created some simple animation to let you know how Red Maloo “hug” your laptop tightly. Just press the “fold it” text button to begin:

See? how simple Red Maloo hug your laptop with its 4 side sleeves. You can actually use the sleeve on the right side as your mouse pad. Very suitable for MacBook Pro 17 inch and Red Maloo never forget to provides a wide range of color tastes!

Red Maloo Felt Laptop Sleeves

Wow-wee, colorful like a rainbow! Interested? Red Maloo Felt Laptop Sleeve is available for A$140 at Rushfaster (Australia).

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