2 Revolving and Twisting 4 Port USB Hub

It’s interesting to find 2 products with a similarity in function and it happen at the same time. I stumbled (using stumbleupon) on the first one “USB 180 Revolving 4 Port HUB” while on my other browser tab, I found another “USB Twister Hub” while browsing at Brando.

Both USB hub have a similar feature of 180 degree revolving and twisting. Not all of the port, only the first and the second port.

Here is the USB 180 Revolving 4 Port Hub:

USB 180 Revolving 4 Port Hub

And below is the USB Twister Hub:

USB Twister Hub

Both also share the similar specification and features:

  • Aluminum case body
  • Support power thristy devices
  • USB 2.0 – 480Mbps Transfer Rate
  • Support Windows and Mac OS X

The only different may be is the Red LED indicator. USB Twister Hub has a LED indicator while 180 Revolving 4 port USB hub has nothing but a colorful block.

While USB twister Hub sell for $26, 180 revolving 4 port hub sell much more cheaper. Pay $19.99 and it’s yours!

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