ivolution SP – Sport-like iPhone 3G Cases from VajaCases

There is another new design from Vajacases for the newly born iPhone 3G. It’s called ivolution SP, a sport-like case design with single bold horizontal strip at the middle of the case.

ivolution SP - Sport-Like iPhone 3G Cases from Vajacases

It’s a clamshell design with all access to main functions of iPhone 3G. What’s amazing on this ivolution SP is the customizable colors and you can personalize it even further by adding texts to the cases (with $10 additional fee).

ivolution SP iPhone 3G Cases

There are total of 38 colors available for you to choose. You can customize either the Horizontal Strip Band or the whole body color. Combine the color using up to 38 colors in the Vaja Choice Flash window.

Here is some of my own custom colors combination:

Case Color Choices for ivolution SP

Looks cool right? especially the black + yellow one! :)

You also can choose to have a backside clip or not. To do that, just tick the radio button on the customization window.

For more information, please visit VajaCases.com. The price is only $85 (without text, color mixing is free).

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