Smallest Solar Charger Key Ring Design

Remember the Smallest Solar ECO Charger from Strapya? It’s a cute little useful charger for your emergency uses. Unfortunately, it still on a pre-order status which mean you can’t have it although you have the money.

If you really want this type of product badly, Here is another solution. There is a similar product, but in a different design. It’s a Solar Charger Keyring, instead of a strap.

Solar Charger KeyRing

No matter it’s a strap or a key ring, as long as it’s useful for us it’s a good product. :)

This Solar Charger Keyring have no big different with Strapya Solar ECO charger. Both of them require 10 hours of charging below a bright blue sky.

Each charge of Solar Charger Keyring enable you to use around 15-25 minutes only. Like I’ve said, it’s for emergency use only. If you want to chit-chat some gossip with your buddies, I guess it will turns you down.

Solar Charger Keyring charging electric stuffs through a USB port. It comes with a wide range of adaptors so you can use it for your electronics devices too! For more information please visit

Price: $12.99 | Source: iGreenSpot

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