Kill Summer Mosquitoes with Jumbo Golden Shit!

Having a bad summer because of bugs and mosquitoes? No wonder, summer is the active season from them. So why don’t you protect yourself with this Jumbo SHIT so you can have a nice sleep at the summer night?!

Here it comes, the JUMBO GOLDEN SHIT! which will help you make some killing!

Jumbo golden shit mosquito extermination

It’s a traditional mosquito exterminator designed in a modern Japanese “Shit” style. You know, the circling turd with the thorny top. That’s Japanese style’s turd! :)

Praying at Jumbo golden Shit

This Jumbo Golden Shit Mosquitos exterminator is made of ceramic coated with golden lacquer. Why Golden? May be because Japanese believe it will bring a good line of fortune for their life, instead of its stinky smells.

Jumbo golden shit Mosquito Extermination is available at Only for $47, you can bring this big shit to your home and make a killing to the annoying mosquitoes.

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