Shape Up – Waking you up by Force!

Everybody knows that morning is the most enjoyable sleep time. It’s hard for us to wake up although we must because a pile of works awaiting for use. Very often we ignore the small alarm bell ringing and we can just smack it down with our pillow and back to sleep.

But the same thing is not going to happen with this Shape Up™ Alarm Clock!

Shape Up Alarm Clock - Dumbbell Design

“This dumbbell-style alarm wants to start your day off right! Just set the alarm and in the morning it will buzz until you’ve done 30 reps.

Annoying? Maybe. Effective? Unquestionably Shape Up! is the perfect gift for sleepy-heads. Individual recyclable clear boxes.”

shape up alarm clock

I guess that a better solution to cure our sleepy head. There is no button or anything else to turn this alarm off instantly. Only a keen morning workout will call an end to the bell! So, if you dare to change your sleeping habit, make sure to have this Shape Up Dumbbell Alarm Clock put right beside your bed!

Source: Coolest Gadget and OhGizmo!

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