Estilo GT Bluetooth Mouse – Sport Car Shaped Mouse

Bluetooth mouse is a great stuffs for wireless computing, first you have no need to plug any cables, secondly you will have a broader control up to 10 meters.

Estilo GT Bluetooth Mouse is one of them with a cool Sport Car Design.

Estilo GT Bluetooth Mouse

Furthermore, you can switch between resolution of 500, 800, and 1600dpi by left+right simultaneouas clicking.

Estilo GT Bluetooth mouse uses 2 AAA batteries (included) to power-up. You can directly use this bluetooth mouse by autodetection, or you can use an optional USB Bluetooth Adapter if your laptop didn’t have bluetooth feature.

This bluetooth mouse is available for as low as $38 at Brando. Check it out if you are a mini car collector. :)

Source: GeekAlerts

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