Huge Digital Wall Clock!

I’m not sure if you will need this clock or not because it’s the super XL size of digital wall clock!

Check this picture out:

Huge digital wall Clock for your living room

It’s a big 1 meter by half a meter measurement and you can fool those dummies as if it’s a HDTV display!

The color of the LED like is extremely visible which allow you to read time clearly. Available in 4 colors display, from Red, Green, Blue and White. I’m curious how is the white color looks like but it seems I can’t find out any further about it.

Now there is no reason for you to false reading the time except you are blind! Available for as low as £49.95 and you can bring it home today! Only weight hundreds of grams although it’s a huge clock. :)

[via: ChipChick!]

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