Sony Vaio BZ Series – Professional Laptop with Intel Centrino 2 Chip

Here it comes again, Sony rolled out another great Laptop with the newest Intel Centrino 2 Chip for better performance and reliability.

Sony Named them the BZ Series. It’s not about a BuSy series, nothing related to that, but it’s about the better business-class durability.

Sony Vaio BZ Series

Sony Vaio BZ series featured XBRITE-ECO LCD Technology which promise a better crystal-clear picture quality.

Sony Vaio BZ Series also comes with an additional protection on the hard drives from several light bumping (which is often for active peoples) and a spill-resistant keyboard to protect from night-walker who love to have a cup of coffee in front of their laptop.

It also comes complete with biometric fingerprint sensor, IEEE1 1394 port, Gigabit LAN, etc.

The price is still not available for now, but it will be available soon for the public.


Via: Slippery Brick

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