Heat Me USB Heated Stirrer – Dangerous Way to Keep Coffee Warm!

Remember the time when you are over-focused on your work and forget to take a sip of your warm coffee? Oh, well… It getting cold already and you’ve lose your beautiful moment sipping a warm, refreshing coffee liquid!

Don’t let it happen! Here is a tool to help you keep your coffee (or other type of drink) in a warm condition and you can use it as a stirrer too!

Heat Me USB heated Stirrer

Heat Me stirrer is powered by USB, which means you can just plug the cable into your Laptop USB port and then your coffee got heated!

It’s a nice little heater gadget, but I’m doubt on its safety toward the users. It’s looking cool and simple, but there is no protection at all around the heater. If you don’t be careful when using this heater, prepare yourself to get stung!

Via Coolest Gadget and OhGizmo!

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