Magnetic Cooks Timer – It Will Trick You!

From the first moment I see this magnetic cooks timer, I really can’t imagine it’s a cooks timer! It looks so similar or “it is” a combination lock shape and design, just like the one you have in your safe box!

Magnetic cooks Timer for Kitchen

This eye tricking Magnetic Cooks Timer will pretty sure to fool a newcomers to your kitchen. They will tricked into thinking that you actually hiding all your treasures in your kitchen! :)

Well, Just like a normal cooks timer, it’s as easy as a turn to the minutes that you desire to use this timer. You can stick it near your kitchen hardware such as refrigerator, oven, stove, or anywhere else.

It’s just for £7.65 to bring this utensil to your kitchen. Check out for more information at

Found at NerdApproved.

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