8 Hot and Cool iPhone Cases You Probably Haven’t Seen!

Now it’s time to rock your iPhone with several protective, yet cool to carry around iPhone cases that will totally blow you away.

Yes, your iPhone already have a tough case that pretty sure you won’t need any case to fit in anymore. But a case it not only about protection, it’s also a sign of your tastes and lifestyle. A naked iPhone is just an naked iPhone. But if you dress it well, it will become your own identity in your groups, and also add up creativity tastes to this newly born gadget.

Here is some of the coolest & Hottest Cases which available for you to wear it to your iPhone. If you found I’ve missed some of the cooler case that you know, please kindly share it to us at your comments.

1. Gold Diamond-Encrusted iPhone Case

Gold Diamond encrusted iphone case

Here is the change to waste your money. You will get this “real” diamond encrusted case for your iPhone to higher up your humanity degree and reach the bornrich social status. It will kill you for $20.000 a piece. It’s cool but too pricey!

Price: $20.000 (you really want to purchase this stuff?!) | More info…

2. Vajacases ivolution SP iphone 3G Case

vajacases ivolution SP iphone 3G Case

This is for me a sporty looking case with a cool bold band strike through the middle of the case. Looks cool and furthermore you can make your own custom color and texts.

Price: $85 | More info…

3. Mate Carbon Fiber Leather Case

Mate Carbon Fiber leather Case

I guess it’s pretty self-explanatory. Comes complete with a screen protector this piece of case is the coolest one of all!

Price: $50 | more info…

4. Sportsuit™ Convertible for iPhone 3G

Sportsuit convertible case

Popular of its 3-in-1 combination of armband case, clip-on case, and slim-profile sleeve.

Price: $34.99 | More info…

5. Fabrix iPhone 3G Case (Sleeve)

fabrix iphone 3g fancy sleeves

It’s more a sleeve than a case, but pretty cool so I add it to this list. bla bla

Price: $22 | More info…

6. Sena WalletSkin Case

Sena WalletSkin Case for iPhone 3g

Sena WalletSkin Case is a combination between Credit Card Wallet and Luxury Design of European Napa Leather.

Price: $41.60 | More info…

7. Bella Protective Leather Case

Bella Protective Leather Case

Specially design for iPhone 3G, it’s the case itself is scratch resistent, and it’s using Nappa Leather at the front panel. It comes with a lightweight aluminum carabiner and a cool neck lanyard.

price: $19.99 | More info…

8. Diamond Series – Hydrocarbon Polymer Case

Hydrocarbon Polymer Diamond Series Case

Now this one is what I call cool! With a very affordable price, you can get this diamond style design with all access to buttons and features. Featuring a pure odor-free silicone, this case is ultra slim for your iPhone 3G!

Price: $22.90 | More Info…

So, have I missed something cool? Please tell us in your comment!

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  • Hi mate! Very nice article! Btw, I have submitted your story on digg ;).

    • Thanks A lot Alex! Really appreciate your help! 😉

  • mysticpandaba

    those are pretty cool but try the capsule rebel cases from this site:

    they’re really cool. its a gel skin with a hard shell over it. so it provides ultimate protection.

  • majules

    does it fit iphone 2G

    • Hi Mario,

      I guess not all of them will fit iPhone 2G. Such as the Vajacases ivolution SP.

      May be you should follow the link to the source to find out more.

  • Fabi S


    The Miniot iwood Cases are soo cool they are case made out of wood!!


    • That’s a good suggestion. Miniot iWood – especially the Cobra series is the coolest! Check it out here as I’ve covered it some time ago: Miniot iWood Cobra

      Thanks for commenting, Fabi! If you have more cool case, please let me know. More suggestion is needed because I’m going to start the second round of cool iPhone 3G cases! :)

  • Yeah these are cool iphone cases, nice one. I spotted a few more on this cool stuff site that you may not have seen http://www.collthings.co.uk/2009/04/cool-iphone-cases.html
    Sig :)

  • Kenneth

    Another cool case out that lets you carry credit cards too is the koalakase, http://www.koalakase.com

  • Caeles

    The Aquapac http://www.aquapac.net/usstore/waterproof-ipod-iphone-cases-1778-0.html totally rocks! I like to take my iphone into the bath and this case is easy to use, and waterproof. It’s not huge and bulky like other waterproof cases and it’s also great for the beach or pool. The iphone is fully functional too.

  • Tawni

    These cases are all really ugly…. I’m not sure about the cool or hot part.

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