Care-O-Bot – Let Robot Handle your Needs

I really can’t imagine the future with lots of robot handling our human’s job. It’s seem robot has begin to switch human’s role in serving and doing household works.

Care-O-Bot is one of the safe yet less error robot to take a good care of household works.


I’m not sure why, but technology has made lots of us lazy and starting to lost our roles. May be human in the future will become like a Big Headed Alien with skinniest body.

Why? Less movement and too much thinking!:twisted:

care-o-bot - robot that help your do your household works

So, is Care-o-Bot useful? Hmm… I’ll rather choose a beauty lady as my helper than a robot! 😉

But Care-o-bot is a smart robot. It won’t break glasses and plates, and it also capable to serves your guests some beverages.

More information and photos available at Tuvie.

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  • christian

    robots will make us lazy. so lets use them for war and it will save thousands of lives. XD

    • LoL, that’s true. But why we should war anyway? :) War has to be happened on games but real war is just idiot. :)

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