Lego BatCycle: Dark Knight’s Lego-Cycle

Some times ago we got a Batmobile here in a PC Case Mod version. Now it’s the turn of BatCycle in LEGO version! This is cute, No long after the release of Batman the Dark Knight, people re-create the batcyle in a mini LEGO version. Check out the following gallery:


LEGO batcycle

To celebrate the release of Batman’s latest film, “The Dark Knight”, the NXT BatCycle was created! Armed and dangerous, the BatCycle can handle any opponents it may encounter with its’ hidden rocket launcher that expands from the body of the bike. With its’ large wheel area, the NXT BatCycle can also stand and move unaided*!

Yep, it’s a full fledge cat killing motorcycle which for sure will scare your cat away. Make a real killin’? Nah, still far from that imagination. It even getting unbalance when making a turn, so kill what?! 😉

Find out the crazy idea at Lego Mindstorm.


(Via HackedGadget)

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