Motorized Monocycle – Looks Cool but uncomfortable

Geez, this is a strange bike to ride one. Or to call it with the right name, it’s a Monocycle. In my memory, monocycle is for those circus players riding across the thin line in the sky. But this one is different.

WheelSurf Motorized Monocycle

It’s MotorCycle with single wheel which can let you ride up to 25 MPH powered by 31cc four-stroke 1 1/2-hp engine. Went riding this motorized monocyle, you are inside the rolling wheel which operated by using a centrifugal clutch on its inner steel fram to move the larger 67″ wheel.

Personally, I think it’s look uncomfortable for some of the critical points. For example:

  • You can’t stratch your legs well
  • There is no place to rest your feet while riding
  • The Seat has no place for resting your backbone
  • The cushioned seat is too narrow
  • It’s powered by gasoline (not environment friendly)

I guess it’s not a problem for a short ride around your garden like what you’ve seen in the movie. But if you want to ride it to a further destination and off-road, it’s a big no-no.

Well, overall it’s a good monocycle for having a short fun with your friend. Though it’s a bit pricey, you can have it for $13,000 if you the money.

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