Link Child Locator – Helps You Find Your Lost Child

Losing your child in a crowded area is very difficult since you children haven’t had a clue on how to save themselves from evil guys. It’s very important to equip your children with this type of gadget.

Link Child Locator - Child Lost Finder

Link Child Locator is designed for this purpose. Whenever you feel your child is not around you when you are in a crowded shopping area, this gadget could help you locate your children location by telling you the distances and direction with its small LCD display.

The design itself is a chic looking with a futuristic touch. I bet your child will love to wear them since it’s looks cool on their wrist. :)

Link Child Locator - Helps you find your lost child

Well, it’s still a concept though… But it’s a great life saving gadget if it happen to be made in a real form. I’m sure you won’t miss this gadget if you are caring for your children’s safety.

Find out more information at Dcontinuum. Let’s hope it become a real stuff soon.

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