Time Table – HUGE size Digital Clock

If you are a late-waker, you will be in a bad moments at the morning with this time table. It show you the current time in a “HUGE” size. It’s pretty scary if you still need to have breakfast when you’ve woke up late! It’s only 5 minutes left! OMG! The clock is ticking fast!

Time Table Huge digital Clock

“This is definitely in the running for my favorite table of all time:

The entire top surface of the Time Table is a digital clock. The glowing digit segments are made of electro-luminescent film, which accounts for the thinness of the structure (6cm). The electronics include an alarm, and a timer to switch the light off at night. Additionally, the light can be turned on, or off anytime without affecting the time.”

This Digital clock is the same species as the huge digital wall clock which I’ve covered some days ago. It’s big size, and looks cool for your home furniture.

Designed by Ross McBride, this time table digital clock is a magnificent tool to help you remember your time and schedules well.

Via Pipeline Gnr8

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