Westfalia Verdier Hybrid & Solar Powered Camper

Here is an extremely awesome chic looking Solar Powered Camper for your traveling fever. Featuring hybrid drive technology and solar power cleverness, Wesfalia Verdier will ship this camper for $69.000, which is a reasonable price!

Westfalia Verdier Solar Powered Camper

Check out this following video to see how this camper filled your needs. It’s a mini size moving home with all most of the features you’ll need while off-road, especially suitable for you who love traveling by road.

“A system of intelligent solar panels called ‘SUN TRACKER’. This system makes it possible to provide electricity to the on-board accessories while the vehicle is in a stationary position.

An on-board computer and a GPS (Global Positioning System) calculate the optimal position for the SUN TRACKER. – A pneumatic suspension, which lowers the vehicle and sets its structure on the tires for improved comfort and a better stabilization in a stationary position.”

Very suitable if your family consist of 4 peoples, you and your wife and 2 of your cute children. More information available at Verdier.

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