Air Guitar – Guitar Hero’s Gadget!

Ever play guitar hero? It is a game on guitar and need to have the special made Guitar controller to spice up your gaming joys.

Now this gadget looks like that guitar controller, but it’s kind of different because it is using a infra-red to read your right hand movements and you left hand will need to push the correct keys.

Air Guitar - Guitar Hero\'s Gadget

Air Guitar is last years hot stuff. But it keeps the popularity as many of us love the air guitaring style and the ever increasing passionate souls on guitar.

Here is the video demonstration of Air Guitar:

You can get the Air Guitar at 2 merchant, first is Firebox for $26.69 or at Brando for $28.89. Get it now and start playing guitar like a hero! :)

( Via Geeky-Gadgets and CoolBuzz )

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