Extreme Mouth Watering USB BBQ Flash Drive!

Now this is what I call strong temptation! OH, I can’t hold it and I wanna eat them like a real crispy meat BBQ!

Extreme Mouth Watering USB BBQ Flash Drives

But hold your horse, fellow! It’s not a real food to consume! It’s a USB flash drive in a realistic plastic meat to help you keep on your diet. Well, it you can’t eat it so you can diet properly. :)

The specification is pretty common, USB 2.0, plug-an-play, support vista and Mac OS, etc. The capacity is pretty big for storing your junks. 4Gb for $28 only.

USB BBQ Flash Drives

If you are going to get a plate full of this BBQ Flash Drives, I guess you’ll need to prepare hundreds of bucks to buy them all! I’ve count it for you: 24 pieces of tasty meats times by $28 equal to: $672!

Oh well, for who’s gonna waste their whole month salary for this BBQ Flash Drives, Just go to Brando.com.

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