Head Scratching and Eyes Spinning: 8 Hardest to Read Watches!

I’ll never know why peoples want to makes life difficult by creating weird stuffs. And the funny thing is, weird stuffs is acts as an arts, a creativity.

Let’s take These following watches as an example, I don’t have the clue what to call them now. It’s an arts, creative stuffs, fashioned, a junks, or… you name the rest.

Well, here is the weird watches which will make my life difficult wearing them. I wonder what’s your idea about them…

1. Mugen Watch

Mugen Watch

Now you tell me the time of this watch! Freaking spinning watch…

Source: Turbogadgets

Where to buy:

2. Tibida Watch

Tibida Watch

If there is no guidance below the image, I will certainly Lost in time. Really!

Source: GeekAlerts

3. Galaxy Watch

Galaxy watch from TokyoFlash

This watch will take your eyes for another spin in the galaxy. It’s a watch of multi-colored light bar formation using digital tube technology.

Find out how to read this head spinning watch at SlipperyBrick.

4. Infection Watch

TokyoFlash Infection Watch

Taddaa! Now it’s time for virus in action! Check out this cool “readable” watch. Infection will let you have the worst fever you’ll ever had by reading the trio-colors leds dimming and blinking viruses.

How to read: PopGadget

5. Nooka Watch

Nooka Watch

When you wear this Nooka watch on your wrist, you’ll find yourself back to the children playgroup counting time bar-by-bar to get the overall sum! What a great watch!

How to read: Technobob

Where to buy:

6. JLr7 Watch

JLR7 Watch

Now, here it comes the really head scratching, hardest to read watch. Personally, it’s like counting at a bunch of Bruce-Lee’s double-sticks across the screen of this weird name, JLr7 watch.

How to read: Gizmodo

7. Abacus WristWatch

Abacus Watch

Though the name sounds like an Old chinese counting tool, “Abacus” is totally unrelated to that. It’s magnetism watch which is pretty confusing since it only have one point to figure out the time…

More info: Kenmar

8. Ora Unica Watch

Ora Unica Watch

This one makes me completely dizzy. guess it’s the hardest to read watch…

Info: YankoDesign

UPDATE: Got a blissful opportunity to be pointed (by the Designer himself!) directly to the useful source to understand how to read Ora Unica correctly. Thanks you so much for your precious time to visit this blog and commenting, Denis! :)

Here is how to read Ora Unica by Denis Guidone.


Well, Although those watches is hard to read, it won’t be a problem for us, the smart humans to figure it out after using them for a while. And we can read it as fast as the common watch as we have adapted to the strangeness of those watches! :)

Long life, Smart Humans! We are the smartest!

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  • denis guidone

    Hi I’m denis Guidone
    Ora Unica is not to hard to read
    in the image above it’s 6:20
    click the link belove and you undestand
    for information post a message to
    [email protected]
    Denis Guidone Atelier
    Milan Italy

    • Oh, Now it makes sense! Thanks for clearing my confusion, Denis Guidone! That’s a God blessed opportunity to let you the designer to help me out of the maze!

      Updated the article by adding your link. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a nice weekend!

    • dave

      actually looks more like 7:20 to me.. hmm.. could just be the angle though

      • Hi dave,

        Yes It should be your angle that do the trick. I was really confuse at first but thanks to Denis to help me read his watch.

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