Proxima Bike Car Hybrid Concept – Where 2 Types of Vehicle Fused Together!

Neverending creation of human has once again result in a brilliantly cool looking and excellent fused of bike and car into a new species of vehicle!

Proxima is a ‘Bike Car’, as the creator confessed the name of this cool technology. Proxima adopted an eco-friendly hybrid engine and have an unique design of front-car back-motorcycle style. Check out the following pictures for more detail:

Proxima Bike Car Hybrid Concept

Rear view of Proxima Bike Car Hybrid Concept

“This unique concept from Alvino gives its rider a chance to enjoy the two-wheel feel of a motorcycle while keeping them safe and comfortable as if they are in a four-wheel vehicle.”

— by iGreenSpot

Proxima Bike Car Hybrid Concept Side view

Check out for more info about Proxima Bike Car Hybrid Concept over at iGreenSpot.

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  • Yul

    Tell me where can I get one.

    • Came across Alvino’s Proxima by accident. Nice! Interestingly enough three-wheelers are considered a separate category vehicles worth researching as far as fuel economy and low emissions…. as well as space-efficient mobility solutions!

  • Twillis

    Me Too !!! When, Where…can I get one. This type of vehicle, if made mandatory, can save our planet.

  • wow, hold yer horse buddies. This still a concept. I’m also interested to own one if exist, but sadly it’s just a computer rendered image, like the vehicles in Tron Legacy! LOL

    I’ll definitely let you know when it’s been made available. But I guess you should wait for another 20 or 30 years. :)

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