SX48P2 Deluxe: New Shuttle PC – Mini Sized Monsters Performance PC

The new Shuttle PC, SX48P2 Deluxe has rolled out and it support almost all latest features & technology such as DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, Processor Intel Up to Quad Extreme Edition and more.

SX48P2 Deluxe Shuttle PC

It even support the latest Radeon HD 4870, which is a monster of performance in graphic processing. I’ll never knew Mini PC could have such a strong specs until I read them on Electronista.

Although Shuttle PC is a small form factor, it still finds a room for other cool features such as Wi-Fi support, Dual Gigabit (usually only one) Ethernet jack, and the bluetooth wireless technology.

SX48P2 Deluxe Shuttle PC

Many other features also available and you can find the icons down here:

SX48P2 Deluxe Shuttle PC - Monster Performance PC

Wow-wee.. those icons really looks delicious if you are a features-lover. SX48P2 Deluxe is Powered by a 450W, so you won’t face any error due to lack of power supply to the hardware. Although from the source where I got this SX48P2 Deluxe is priced at $771, I found it cheap selling at newegg for $580 only!

If you are curious and need a monster performance mini sized PC, check it out for more info at


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