Zero-Gee Ergonomic Computer Workstation

Zero-Geek Chair, or we should call it a workstation, is a very ergonomic design for your computing moment or gaming fever. You can lie effortlessly on the cushioned chair while your hand can freely explore the keyboard and screen.

Zero-Gee ergonomic computer workstation

Its ergonomic, reclining frame is designed to ensure your ass is free from the forces of gravity as you type, type, type yourself into oblivion.

— by Gizmodo

Zero-Gee ergonomic computer workstation

This revolutionary concept is meant to solve all those problems associated with bad posture, discomfort due to a stationary position and also, the inability to change positions.

— by Bornrich

For more information, available at both Gizmodo and Bornrich.

( Via Gadgettatic )

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