Danamics LM10 – Solid Liquid Metal Processor Cooler

Normal processor fan is not enough if you are a hardcore gamer, especially when you equipped your PC with the strongest ever processor to pushed up your game’s fps.

The solution is to install a watercooling system right onto your PC processor for maximum cooling effect, which promises to kill heat produce by your processor.

Unfortunately, installing a watercooling system is not as easy as a newbie can handle. In a respond to this problem, Danamics has recently announced a new cooling system using “Liquid Metal” instead of liquid water.

Hey! Wait up, don’t link them with “Liquid Snake” or any “Metal Gear Solid” stuffs here. It’s completely unrelated. :)

This Liquid Metal cooler is called Danamics LM10, which looks strong and cool, furthermore it’s easier to install for newbies.

Danamics LM10 Liquide Metal Cooling System for Processor

Danamics claims that LM10 is the most effective cooling device and has exceeded those water cooling systems.

The shape is no other than a silent cooling system which you could find it on any PC store nearby. The different is, according to the Danamics’ crew there is a liquid metal installed inside the pipes or somewhere that will do their task to suck heat out of your processor hell.

There is no certainty about where they put the liquid metal. Well, as long as it can help us enjoy our gaming time properly without any problem of overheating or noisy fan, I guess that’s okay! :)

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