MonKEYs Key Caps with Monkey Expressions

Check out this cute keys caps with monkey expressions. 1 Set consist of 6 pieces of MonKEYs caps with 6 different colors.

MonKEYS key caps - cute Cover for key

“Quit monkeying around with all those look-alike keys – pop a perky primate on top! MonKEYS are stretchable durable covers that fit over almost any shape key, adding a playful touch to a normally ho-hum object.

You can even give ’em names. We call ours Cheeky, Che, Kong, Darwin, Spank, and Bob.”

This cute keys cover/caps is the same species as the SkeletonKeys. Although it’s not glowing like SkeletonKeys, MonKEYs comes with the various monkey expressions to cheer your days up.

Available to grab for $3.99/set only.


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