Action Cyber Figure Alice – Alive?!

This augmented reality toy is really geeky and nifty. Alice Cyber Figure is alive virtually in front of your webcam and you can actually interact with Alice with some cyber coded cubes and sticks.

Cyber Figure Alice Virtually Alive!

Cyber Figure Alice

Otaku’s favorite I guess. Alice is in an Anime version, which is Japanese proud cartoon style that have seized attention from the world like Naruto. Actually, I guess it represent “Hand Maid May” which is one popular anime character back from year 2000.

It’s about a mini size robot which the owner can do further than interacting with the robot. The owner can ask it to sweep floor, make breakfast, tidy up things, etc. It’s very interesting if such robot exist! But this virtual one is not bad also.

Alice Cyber Figure

“All is well until you start pestering her with your cyber sticks, each with varying patterns on each side that represent a different tool, such as a big grabber hand or a poking finger, that you can use to to flirt with your new digital girlfriend. Or, if you’re mean, torment her endlessly.”
— by Killian Nakamura

Here is the video I’ve taken from Nakamura’s site, Let’s enjoy the virtual doll torturing! 😉

( via Kilian Nakamura )

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