Styling Your iPhone with iPhone 3G Tattoo Protector

If you have read the cool cases for iPhone 3G, you may not need this tattoo protector anymore. But if you still like to spice your iPhone a little bit further, this tattoo protector may be a good choice.

Featuring a downloadable graphic design, you are allow to get up to 8 free graphics to spice up your tattoo protector.

iPhone 3G tattoo protector

Here is the step by step instruction to use Tattoo Protector:

  1. Start with a clean device and place the device on a flat place.
  2. Remove the cover from its backing and looking straight down, carefully lower the iPhone 3G Stylish Screen Protector onto the device.
  3. Once the iPhone 3G Stylish Screen Protector touches the device and bonds, take care not to touch the adhesive side.
  4. align the exposed section with the edges of LCD screen. Make sure the iPhone 3G Stylish Screen Protector has been placing straightly.
  5. Peel off the mask with the provided sticker after application completed.

iPhone 3G Tattoo Protector

“Make You Different Among the Ordinary.To protect your iPhone 3G and give it an incredible style. Show off your iPhone 3G with this iPhone 3G Tattoo Protector.

It’s almost impossible to detect, clear transparent screen guard offers ultimate protection against scratches and dirt for your iPhone 3G LCD screen. The Protector comes with a Graphic printed Transparent Protector, with Same Graphic Wallpaper (Available for download)!”

— by

You will get one front tattoo and one same design wallpaper for just about $10 at

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