Wasp Trap – Free your Family from Painful Stings

ave a garden with flowers usually will invite a lot of wasps to your garden and they will make nests somewhere around. While we know that their stings is hurt, it’s best if we can set a trap for them and eliminate them naturally.

This Wasp Trap from improvementsCatalog do the task pretty well. Let’s have a look what is it:

All Natural Wasps Trap

Yep, is an unique all natural wasp traps which is decorative and reusable. To set this trap up, just fill the trap with some sweetened juice or simple a sugar oil will do the task.

After hang the trap on trees of even your patio, the trap will start inviting the wasps, hornets or yellow jackets to the hole and once they go in there, they will be stuck and drowning into the juice.

Benefits of the Wasp Traps:

  • A yellow jacket trap helps keep your family safe from painful or dangerous stings
  • Yellow jacket and wasp traps don’t use dangerous poisons or pesticides, only sweetened fruit juice
  • The glass bottle is easily cleaned so the yellow jacket and wasp traps can be used over and over, saving you money
  • Every yellow jacket trap and wasp trap can be hung from the attached wire handle and placed around the yard, porch or patio
  • The yellow jacket trap can also be set on a flat surface

Available for $24.99 to helps you save your family from hurts because of wasp stings.


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