Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission Electric Bike

Since when bike have eight Speed?! Gosh, I guess since the gas and oil limited supply matter, people start to squeeze their brain to produce stuffs that won’t need gas or gasoline to move around.

Eight Speed Transmission Electric bike is one of the fruit of that Problem tree.

Eight-Speed Transmission Electric Bike

This Eight-Speed Transmission Electric Bike has an automatic downshift and upshift according to the ground you are on. While you are on a flat ground, you can speeding up to 20 mph which is pretty fast for an electric powered bike.

Unlike Electric Stingray bike, this eight speed electric bike have a lot more awesome features which has been listed below:

  • 8 Speed automatic tramission operate it 4 modes
  • Using Aircraft aluminum 6061 alloy as the bike frame
  • Sturdy enough to supports riders up to 300 lbs
  • Comfortable Ergonomic seat with gel-filled material
  • Front LCD Displaying Odometer, clock, chronograph, speedometer
  • Backlit powered by a dynamo
  • many more.

Transmission Electric Bike Engine

This Electric Bike also surpassing Stingray because in one 5 hours re-charge could make it move a far as 30 miles while stingray only 20 miles for one over-night charging.

If you are interested, you may find more information over at Hammacher. It’s around $5,500 to brought this electric bike home.

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