Huge Razor Blade Mirror – Watch Out for the Edge!

This is an extra huge razor blade that could reflect your handsome and pretty face. It’s basically a razor blade that has been zoomed to fit our face in. Not all of the part of the mirror is usable because of the tattoo on the surface and some cool looking texts engraved there.

Huge Razor Blade Mirror or Decoration?

I think it’s more like a decoration rather than a mirror. The intention of this product is pretty blur as if they want to have a “double-edge” functionality on this huge razor blade.

Yeah, I agreed with staffs as the said it’s the most “cutting-edge” mirror you’ll ever see in eons. The design is just so cool and you can’t merely buy this razor blade mirror for fixing your cosmetics or shaving your jungle beards.

Anyway, Razor Blade Mirror is selling for £74.99. The price is pretty high for a mirror. So, make sure you are not buying this mirror only for just a “mirror”!

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