15 Cool Animal Shaped Remote Control Toys

Check out the following remote control toys in our nature creature shaped. Although some of them are pre-historic animal, I guess I can group them together too! :)

Divided by land, water and sky, playing them to fill your summer holidays is another unforgettable enjoyment if you do it with your family and friends. Well, cutted out the chit-chat and here there are, the 15 cool looking animal shaped remote control:

Land Creatures

1. Robot T-Rex

Robot T-Rex R/C Toys

You can control this awesome design T-Rex with three different move from walk, run and berserk (predatory). The arm’s movable, head shaking, the tail swings, and the teeth’s chomping!

Source: Gizmowatch

2. Hairy Tarantula

Tarantula Remote Control

It’s not as hairy as the real Tarantula, but the 8 legs really give me a “real” tarantula feeling.

Source: Discovery Store

3. Mojave Shovel-Nose Snake

Mojave Shovel-Nose Snake Remote Control Toy

Will this snake moves at snake speed and lurking like a real phyton? Erhmm… to be honest, I don’t have a clue on how this R/C toys movement.

Source: Discovery Store

4. Buggie Lady Bug

Buggie Lady Bug Remote Control Toy

This one is cute. It’s a car with bug shape instead of the crawling feet bug like the Tarantula freaking legs…

Source: Amazon.com

5. Bettle Bugs

Bettle Bugs Remote Control

Bettle bugs popular of it’s thick skin and hot blooded habits. Though that habit is not here with the toy, the shape still looks “ready-to-battle” posse. though it’s look cool, the legs is just a dummy plastic and thing that moves this toy is the wheels below the bettle.

Source: Neatorama

Water Conquerors

6. Finding Nemo Clownfish Submarine

Nemo Clownfish Submarine Remote control

Pretty self-explinatory. Submarine with Nemo shape.

Source: Iggfactory

7. Little BathTub Duck

Cool Bathtub Duck R/C

Yack, yack, yack! Remote control duck for your kid’s bathtub. Looks cool for kids but not for adults.

Source: Geeky Gadgets

8. Swimways Cyborg Shark

Cyborg Shark Remote Control

The invasion of sea predator to your pool! Check out this cool shark shaped for your private or public pool. Don’t worry, it won’t bite you or showing its fins above the surface.

Source: Amazon.com

Sky Scraper

9. Discovery Radio Control FlytechTM Dragonfly

Flytech Dragonfly Remote Control

It has a thin and light wings like the real dragonfly’s wings. Flapped to rise and you can do many tricks with the remote control.

More detail: Discovery Store

10. Cybrid – Flying Bird R/C

Cybrid Bird RC Toy

It’s a huge bird remote control toys. Fly with a realistic wings flapping. See this picture:

More at: Gizmo Blog

11. Silverlit iBird

This one is awesome. Looks exactly like a bird and the wing is flapping like a real one! pretty much resemble a humming bird.

Silverlit iBird RC Toy

More detail at: Thumbsupuk

12. Primeval Flying Rex

Primeval Flying Rex RC Toy

It’s a rare creature now. only 2 piece left at Gizoo. You can also check out the video at Gizoo.

Source: Here

13. Flying Pterosaur

Cool Flying Pterosaur Remote Control

Another pre-historic creature comes to the mini sized remote control toy. Guess it has the same wings as Primeval…

Source: Alibaba

14. Mosquito

Mosquito Remote Control

Even Mosquito has turns into a toys for you to play. I hate mosquitos and would like to kill them with this turd. But this toys seems cool with its green eyes leds. Well, As long as I don’t hear the buzzing, I guess that’s okay.

Source: BoyStuff

15. Glowing Red Eyes Vampire Bat

Glowing Red Eyes Bat Remote Control

Vampire Bat on the show! Featuring the glowing red eyes, You can go scare some chicks out of the darkest night.

Read more at Geek Alerts.

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