Fuurin Japanese Ring Bell for Summer’s Breeze!

Whenever in summer days, a lot of breeze wind will blows. On this time, it’s the most suitable time to set some thing like this Ring Bell from Japanese:

Japanese Wind Chimes

In Japan, cool sounds of the wind chimes help us divert the summer’s heat. Sometimes, the chimes sounds even have a mysterious healing effect especially the illness because of the hot weather.

But if you are those on-the-go type of person, I bet you won’t be able to sit down calmly to hear the wind chimes ringing.

No problem, here is the solution. Strapya invented a mini size fuurin wind chimes as a strap for your cell phone. So, you can definitely bring it everywhere with your cellphone.

furin japanese wind chimes cell phone strap

Though its size is small, never underestimate the sounds. It has the same effect if you are able to calm down and pay attention to the chimming sounds. :)

Available in 5 shapes, the other four is as follow:

Furin Wind Chimes Collection

The price range is between $3,5 ~ $5. Check out for more information at Strapya.com.

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