Sato USB Flash Drive – Japanese Big Family Name on the Show!

Sato USB Flash Drives

Sato USB Flash Drive name is taken from the big family name in Japanese. Here is a little Japanese culture education for you. :)

The top ten Japanese surname in Japan is begin with Satou, Suzuki, Takahashi, Tanaka, Watanabe, Itou, Nakamura, Yamamoto, Kobayashi and Saitou.

Because Satou get the most out of all, the designer of this USB Thumb drive, exactly from Solid Alliance company, use Sato as the brand name.

Satou USB Thumb Drives

Sato USB Flash Drive has a stylish traditional caligraphic brush letter embossed in the white background. Pretty cool and you can use it as a cellphone strap using the provided thread hole.

Cell Phone Strap USB Drives Sato

Featuring 1GB memory with USB 2.0 interface, you can get it at Geekstuff4You for 29€ each.

( Source: Akihabaranews )

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