Thanko Cooler Fans USB Keyboard

I often make my keyboard wet of my sweats produced from my palm and fingers. I’m not sure why this is happening but I only know if this matter continue, my keyboard would break or electrolyze by my sweat because it’s not spill-resistant. Luckily, I found this keyboard from Japan which could help me eliminating hand sweating problem.

It’s especially true when you are typing in a hot room with nothing but a fan blowing your face. With this Fan cooled keyboard, somehow it could help you eliminated the hand sweating problem.

It has 3 fans blow a gentle winds up to your palm resting point through the small ventilation as shown in the picture. It’s powered by USB and hopefully it’s water-spill resistant. There is a small switch at the right front side to turns the fans on and off.

I guess I need to add this keyboard to my wish list for now since it’s will be coming soon at the price range of $62.

( via Dvice )

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