Tengu LED Faced – Not the Real Bird Man

You know, when you google for the “Tengu”, you will be served with bunch of Birdman form Japanese Legend. It’s not what I want to show you. But this Tengu is different. It’s a LED Faced Gadget which will response to sound and chomping its mouth like a real man talking!

Tengu Led Faced

Though it’s an old gadget from 2007, I still find it interesting and it’s indeed cool for some gadget freaks!

Check out these video if you happened to missed last year’s trend:

From the source I’ve got, this Tengu is Designed by UK artist Crispin Jones. I’m not sure why he named it with Japanese at first, may be he love Japan culture? Who knows!

Well, this Tengu is now available at Firebox for as low as £19.95. Having tengu at your desktop is like having a virtual companion for your lonesome days. :)

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