Akazawa PLEN – Rare Desktop Hobby Robot

Akazawa PLEN is one of the smartest robot with smooth movement like a real mini size creature playing around your desktop. His name is actually derived from “PLAIN”, means simply simple and unsophisticated.

Though the technology behind this PLEN is absolutely amazing and extremely sophisticated, I guess its ‘plain’ is pointed to the the design of robotic innocence face and playful habit.

Here is a video demonstrating the playfully child habit PLEN robot:

“Living up to his claim as the Desktop Hobby Robot, PLEN can be wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth, either by your cell phone or PC keyboard. Just snap on his roller skates, and he’ll keep you entertained for hours.”

— by AC Gears

It’s a rich guys toys though. Akazawa PLEN Desktop Robot’s made available for 50 unit only at price of $2,999.99 at AC Gears and their Sister site, AudioCubes.com.

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