PowerSquid Surge3000 – Squid Shaped Power Surge Protector

Transforming the daily uses tools like power surge protector into an seafood shape squid is pretty hilarious.

The shape really looks indentical with the sea squid you which you would find it at the seafood store.

powersquid surge protector squid shaped

Surge Squid Power Surge Protector featuring 6 power outlets represent the tantacles of squid, a 360-degree swivelling falt profile plugs and it also helps you protect your internet connection with the DSL Lines socket.

“Our flagship model is fully equipped with a whopping 3240 Joules of Ultra-MOV™ surge protection to handle the most dangerous power surges and electrical spikes. It also offers two blue neon glowing outlets to ensure you can always find a plug under a dark desk.”

— by PowerSquid

powersquid power surge protector with dsl protection

surge squid outlet with 360 swivel plug from powersquid

Available at PowerSquid for just below $69.95.

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