Solio Solar Hybrid Charger – Expandable Solar Panel

Solar Charger is the greatest invention of all invention since it can be the source of power for other future inventions.

Last time we have PowerMonkey on the show, and also not forgetting the Clamshell solar charger. Now it’s the turn for this cooler design solar charger, Solio Solar Hybrid Charger.

Solar panel - Solio Solar Hybrid Charger

Solio Solar Hybrid Charger is one of the great invention which combine both ergonomic design and power generation ability.

It’s just like a swiss knife which you can slide and expand the knifes, this Solio Solar hybrid Charger adapted the same design. You can expand the solar panel similar to the following picture:
Solio Solar Hybrid Charger

“Award-winning, compact and versatile – Solio stores power from the sun or socket, freeing you to recharge your mobile phone, iPod and other handheld devices anywhere, anytime.

A fully charged Solio will recharge the average phone up to two times, or give you up to 15 hours of MP3 music. Solio generates free and clean energy immediately. Replacing your wall and chargers with Solio reduces your ecological footprint.

Includes international power outlet adapters, USB adapter, car adapter and connector plugs for most major brand phones.”

Available for purchase at AC Gears for $99.99.


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