7 Cool Looking Toasters from Around the World

You know, we need bread every single morning. And a toast bread is the most delicious meal to fill my stomach so I can start my day perfectly.

I’m not sure since when our Asian tradition of rice as the breakfast switched into toasted bread with a help from a toaster, but I’m guess it’s great no matter what.

Something pretty interesting is, I never knew there is a whole museum of toaster available for toasting your bread. I’m not sure if the taste will be different or not, but by looking at the shapes and tradition across the country, it makes my salivas dropping. :)

Well, here is some of the coolest design according to my own taste. There are bunch of them and you can take a look at the Toaster Museum.

Let’s begin toaster from:

Toast-a-lator toaster from American

Sanyo Asia Toaster

Jura Toaster from Switzerland

Sanda Toaster from England

Nova Toaster from Benelux

Prometheus Toaster from Germany

AEG Toaster

( via Toaster Museum )

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