Digital Door Viewer – Second Generation of Peepholes

It seems in the future, no one with use the traditional peephole to see who’s coming knocking the door anymore. You know the traditional peephole sometimes is easily tricks and you won’t be able to do much but just a peek to a little hole with blur vision.

But it’s now different with this Digital Door Viewer. Check this picture out:

There is no need to make another hole on your door because this digital door viewer comes complete with the tool to replace your current peephole with the camera.

Featuring auto recording for people who visit your door, a high resolution 1.5 inch display for crystal recording, quick and easy installation for the available peephole.

Though this digital door viewer doesn’t not work well in a very low light condition, it still a great substitution for our old door peephole so we can have a better vision who’s coming.

Well, you might just install some of the Solar Outdoor lights to light your door and surrounding?

Available to purchase at for $200 with more feature such as motion sensor and video recording to a 4gigs SD card as well. (Source: OhGizmo)

( Via PopGadgets )

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