Patentee toaster equipped with Rotating Basket

Hot hardware is coming, yep. It’s Hot, so you can make a roast breads with it. :)

Well, it’s actually a toaster with extra weapon of a rotating basket to toast a bunch of breads.

It’s from Patentee, and yes it got a superior design of the oldie square bread toaster on the both side and a built-in timer also available.

“It’s rotating basket makes it possible to go a bit crazy and toss in a few croissants and other bread items.”

— by Gizmodiva

“The sellers of this toaster actually boasts that you will save up to 70% of your energy, because with this you don’t have to preheat your oven.  Smaller gadget, it’s going to use less power.”

— by Coolest Gadget

The rotary basket might get a little hot so be careful when trying to get the bread to feed your hungry stomach. :)

( via Gizmodiva and Coolest Gadget )

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