F1 Lithium – Expensive Golf Trolley with Lithium Battery

I never like playing golf. Or to be honest, it’s too hard for me to swing that clubs and the ball just won’t listen to my intentions. I guess I’ll never understand those pro-golfer enjoyment and who would love to purchase this type of expensive Golf Trolley to pursue their hunt for holes:

F1 Lithium Golf Trolley

Superb work by Stewart, he give this trolley a cool name of F1 Lithium.

Golf Trolley F1 Lithium

“Inspired to present something more superlative than the already good XR3, the company created this golf trolley with all new equipments.

Collapsing to a handy size, this foldable caddy is aptly christened, as F1 stands for ‘the folding one’.”

— by BornRich

F1 Lithium Golf Trolley provides energy with its custom made Li-Ion battery for more than 36 holes of golf. Guess it’s enough to call a day if one holes need to used up to half hour!

It’s made available at an impressively neck chocking price of $5000. Now if you admitted yourself as a pro-golf player, dare you buy this stuff? 😈

(via Born Rich )

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