IronKey Flash Drive – Self Destruct When Hacks Attempted

Entrusted with the Slogan “The World’s Most Secure Flash Drive“, this IronKey really have done a great job in protecting your data. Beside providing you an internal password system which can helps you scramble your data to something unreadable without a correct access keys, IronKey will also Self-destruct the data if hacks attempted!

ironkey Flash Drive self Destruct when hacks attempted

IronKey recognizes hacks by providing the 10 incorrect password inputs. Furthermore, if a hacker trying to hack the hardware instead using the password screen, Ironkey also have done a great job preventing a physical hack using their Cryptochip.

IronKey Flash Drives Cryptochip

“The contents of the drive are filled with epoxy, so if a hacker tries to physically access the chips, he’d more likely damage them instead.

Even if he did get access to the memory chips, they’d be worthless without the encryption chip. Electron-shielded, even a scanning electron microscope can’t get inside.”

— by ThinkGeek


  • Fast 30MBPS Read, 20MBPS Write
  • Drive contents encrypted with AES CBC-Mode Encryption
  • Onboard IronKey Password-manager keeps all your internet passwords safe
  • Secure version of Firefox included that encrypts all your web-surfing traffic
  • Encased in a potted metal case, not plastic, making it one of the strongest USB keys around
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810F military waterproofing standards
  • The encryption chip self-destructs if an invasive attack is detected
  • If your Ironkey is lost, you can restore from a secure backup to a new Ironkey in minutes
  • Dual channel SLC NAND Flash for high-quality and read/write speeds
  • Works great in Windows XP and Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OS X!

ironkey flash drive

“The hardware encryption is one aspect of the IronKey, but the online component is another. When you log in to the IronKey website (which again requires both your password and your IronKey to be physically plugged in to your machine), you can activate their secure web-browsing service which turns FireFox into a malware-protected, “stealth surfing” application.”

— by Gizmodo

Available at two favorable size, 1GB at price $79 and the biggest 4GB at price $149.

ironkey thumb drive

Product Page | IronKey Demo

( More information: Gizmodo )

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