Nailed USB Thumb Drive – Let’s Make Hole on Your PC!

Having a nine-inches nail as your USB thumb drive is kinda weird asthetically. But Somehow this “nailed” thumb drive have succeed making geek like me curious about the real one. Will it feel like a real big nail?! Hmmm…

Nailed USB flash drives

First time looking at the first picture, I thought that guy is nuts! Trying to hammer a nail to his computer, OMG!

But after click once to the next picture below, oh well I finally knew I was a dumb *ss geek. :)

Nailed USB Flash Drives

“No, not the American industrial rock band – “Nailed”, created by the Dutch design-label Plankton, is a USB memory that looks like a nine inch nail.”

— by GeekAlerts


  • Capacity 1 GB USB 2.0 Memory Stick
  • Made with polyurethane / iron
  • Dimensions L= 90 mm and D= 34 mm.
  • Support the Trio OS ( Mac, Linux, Windows)

“The “nailed” memory stick makes it look like you got very frustrated with your computer, and in a fit of rage, hammered a nail into it.”

— by Technabob

Cost your €29,50 to nailed it on your laptop. Guess it’s around $46 in U.S., you can get it directly at plankton via the sources below.

( Via Technabob and GeekAlerts )

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