Penguin United 4X Quad Charge Station for WiiMotes

Here is the rechargeable Station for you WiiMotes. Something interesting here is you can actually recharge up to 4 WiiMotes at the same time, complete with the LED charge-level which shows you the power level in 25% increments.

Penguin United 4X Quad Charge Station for WiiMotes

It’s from Penguin, nope – not that little Mamal in the South Pole, It’s company name who produced this United 4X Quad Charge Station for Wiimotes.

Since everything is hot for Quad now, such as quad core, quad channel, quad souls, etc, this Quad Charge might just come to join the crowd for a little boost up.

“This one has Li-ion batteries that promise to give you 13 full hours of playtime from each Wiimote. And it juices them up in just 4 hours, with LEDs to show you charging levels.”

— by SlipperyBrick

The registered price is at $44.99 and you can will get 4 personalized straps for your Wiimote with 4 various colors choice stretching from green(eco), black(cool), blue(nice) and pink(lady).

UPDATE: It’s now available for $45.99 at Amazon, or you can compare the best price at our shop with lowest price at $34.95.

( via SlipperyBrick )


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