iSkin Revo2 – Second Generation Case for iPhone 3G

Here it comes the second generation of iSkin Revo with more protection features and colors to choose from. It’s the same company as the Fuze case for iPhone and it’s also compatible with their Revoclip which comes from the same host.

iSkin Revo2 iphone 3G case

Primarily iSkin Revo2 was launched to welcomed iPhone 3G, since the first generation of iSkin Revo only support the first generation of iPhone and was launch far behind before leaked news on iPhone 3G . Well, it’s make sense since nobody could foresee the future. :)

iSkin Revo2 come with many new features for your complete protection either for your newly bought iPhone 3G or yourself. Believe it or not, now Revo2 have the antimicrobial protection for your face you won’t pet microba or pipple on your face.

iSkin Revo2 also comes with a Port-to-port protection to protect the exposed ports from dusts, which other case isn’t offered.

iSkin Revo2 case with port to port protection for iPhone 3G

I love the Get a grip durable silicone exterior, it’s similar to Jam Jacket‘s “Tell your iPhone to Get a Grip” feature, you will have a firm grips as you jacket you iPhone with Revo2.

a better grip silicone system case for your iPhone 3G

Another feature which is cool but kinda annoying for me, is the VISOR (Visually Intact Solid Optical Resin) shield to protect your iPhone screen from bumps and impacts. Personally I won’t need this VISOR as the iPhone screen already pretty tough and furthermore, it’s already protected by the Clear Touch Film with anti-glare and anti finger print.

VISOR Shield protect from bumps and impacts

I’m not saying it’s useless, but it’s pretty easy to lose it as VISOR shield is not come attached with the revo2 case. Every time you need to use your iPhone, you must remove the shield and attach it at the back of the case.

What will happen if you forget to do it? Such as you put at the table and rush away because of important meeting?

And here is last but not least, you have option to choose what color do you like. Total of 4 colors available:

  • Onyx (Black/Black)
  • Diablo (Red/Black)
  • Sonic (Blue/Black), and
  • Ozone (Clear Frosted/Black)

iSkin Revo2 Case color Choice

You can now go straight to the iSkin store to get it for as low as $39.99 for each iSkin Revo2.


( via Geeky-Gadgets )

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