High Dexx USB Flash Drive – Hot Stationary!

Another Combination happening here. Between our daily uses Highlighters with our Geeky life’s no.1 supporter, the Flash Drive, into one that will make you shout OMG!

Well, sorry for the hype. I just never thought about this two ‘stationary’ could blend so well into one piece flash drive single hub and highlighters dock. 😉

High Dexx USB Flash Drive

You may ask why did they host a single USB hub drive while you can just plug in directly to the pc, right? Well, it guess it’s all about the asthetical perspectives that define the shape and blending.

The Orange flash drive is just to blend in so the four colorful cubes will look better and “as if” all of them are highlighters. But they kinda fail to notice that the USB hub is completely useless and offer nothing but an extension of USB cable.

“If you work in an office setting, then you probably use a lot of highlighters and USB Flash drives. As with all great inventions, someone eventually gets smart and decides to combine two great things together, and the result in this case is the High Dexx USB Flash Drive. ”

— by Mark R | CoolestGadgets.com

“To be honest I’m a bit confused as to the purpose behind the dock having a USB connection, since the flash drive can just be connected directly to your computer, but since it’s supposed to be a promotional giveaway, I guess you shouldn’t look the gift horse in the mouth.”

— by Andrew Liszewski | OhGizmo!

More information please go to Coolest Gadgets and OhGizmo.

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