Luxurious VajaCase’s Attaché GT Leather Case for Macbook Air

Attache GT Vajacase for Macbook Air

Vajacase Attaché GT have the blending effect between old and new design style. It produces an unsophisticated (old) cool looking and stylish leather case (new).

Like the i-volution SP series from Vajacase, Attaché GT leather case use the same strong and bold band strike through the leather case with the strongest ever zipper for higher durability.

Attache GT Strong Zipper

Primarily, Attaché GT is made for the super thin Macbook Air. Comes complete with additional inner beveled space to store adapter and something else. You will also find the optional personalization tag at the front flip.

Interior of Vajacases Attache GT

Same as usual, Vajacase product is very costumizable through their VajaChoice Flash based WebApps. You can add text to the personalization tag and you can virtualy change all of the color of the leather case using the color palletes.

Here is my personal custom color customization for Attaché GT leather case:

Vajacases Attache GT Custom Colors

You can freely try the palettes out easily with more than 1000 variation available to combine. Well, although customization is pretty easy from the customization screen, you’ll need to be careful since your purchase is non-returnable and non-refundable

It takes around 20 days for the Handicraft process to produce your custom leather case color. Well, if you are interested, there are more information available at VajaStore. Make sure to install a flash player to view the page. 😉

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