Plica – Future iPhone 3G Killer?

Another Cell Phone concept has born and it’s pretty much an iPhone killer in the future. Plica is a phone that use 2 screens instead of one, just like the Canova Dual Touch Screen Laptop for 2010.

Plica future iPhone Killer?

“Plica is a zoological term referring to the folding of a body part. This concept smart phone has double the screen capacity of the I-phone giving the user a more ample interface. When folded with the screens out, Plica functions as a phone and internet device.

Two screens provide the user with all the functionality of a mini laptop. USB and headphone ports are located conveniently in the double hinge.”

James Piatt | Designer

Foldable dual Touch Screen Cell Phone Plica

Plica Cell Phone concept with Touch Screen Keyboard

“Plica phone concept is trying to offer a better design compared to iPhone which has many complains on its size of the interface, which is too small for some people’s hand.”

( via Tuvie )

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